Eyewear brands most popular with politicians

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Dior, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Bvlgari, DharmaCo eyewear and Ted Baker, all these brands and many more help you make a fashion statement while simply wearing your prescription eyewear like it’s just another day. While you can get away with looking dashing all day at the office with people thinking it’s only your charm, the politicians rest under the careful eye of the media and are judged every time they wear something new. Some are highly acclaimed for their style and eyewear choices and we found that politicians have a certain affinity for one brand or another. Just perfect to give you a bit of inspiration when you’re looking for designer eyewear to replace your old glasses.

Starting with Republicans, the glasses Sarah Palin has been sporting most often during events, speeches and TV appearances are Kazuo Kawasaki eyeglasses. She wore the Kawasaki 704 model so much in public that the model is now famous as the “Sarah Palin” glasses – their product page on Amazon even shows a picture of Palin on the cover of Time Magazine wearing their 704 model. They boast lightweight beta-titanium frames, rectangular lenses and no rims – professional and elegant, the look Palin is certainly aiming for.

John McCain, the Republican senator who ran for office in 2008, is pretty faithful to Maui Jim – especially their aviator sunglasses, as he has been seen plenty of times over the years wearing different Maui Jim sunglasses models. His preferred Maui Jim models have large, rounded dark grey lens, but the frames he wears vary, he doesn’t seem to mind if its rims or no rims, metal or polymer. They’re simple and bold and give him a serious “I’m here for business” look even when he’s only at the beach.

The Democrats on this list tend to pick Ray-Bans as their designer eyewear of choice, especially when it comes to sunglasses. President Barack Obama himself has worn the Ray-Ban 3217 model very often, leading to articles that praised him for the cool, yet professional look – some pointing that he even looks as sleek as the infamous Men in Black. Dark, rounded rectangular lenses and semi-rimless metal frames definitely give that serious, yet cool vibe.

He’s not the only president with a thing for Ray-Bans – John F. Kennedy often wore thick-rimmed Ray-Ban Wayfarers while in the outdoors. The Wayfarers were very popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s and a president who wore what the artists, actors and common folk wore was seen as closer to the people.

Joe Biden, the current Vice President of the United States, has also been seen rocking his signature Ray-Ban aviators, looking about as fashionable as the president. His mature appearance is sweetened by the aviators’ large and dark lenses. We see a hint of a trend here, with Republicans looking as serious as they can and Democrats looking professional with a modern twist. Some politicians like to use glasses to show off their fun sides of their personalities when appropriate – like Hillary Clinton sporting purple and green wing-tipped shades at an official ceremony.

While Ray-Bans seem to be the brand of choice for some politicians, many brands out there have great quality glasses and fashionable designs, just waiting to be picked out and shown off as fashion statements.

FOMC to raise US interest Rates and Stock will rise

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US political financial policy may be shifting for the first time in half a decade. The Federal Open Market Committee ( FOMC) is expected to meet again in the next few months and economists are already making their predictions. The US interest rate has remained a steady .25 percent since the 2008 when current FOMC Chair Ben Bernanke decided to enact a forced level of US interest to bide the then rapidly growing unemployment. At the time of the ruling unemployment in the US had reached nearly 9.5 percent. A historic high for our modern economy. The unprecedentedly high rates of unemployment and market instability were forcing lenders to restrict their lending practices out of fear of account defaults rose. To compensate the FOMC forcibly took the US interest rate out of equilibrium and forced it to a flat .25 percent to spur new lending from banks. It has remained at that level for the last five years. With the next meeting coming up and a lot of indicators looking positive, economists have already begun predicting. They believe that in around March of 2015, the new FOMC Chair Janet Yellen will raise the US interest rate in response to an improving economy. This is in despite of the Chairs public position that it may come even sooner.


The reasons for the discrepancies are data driven. It is true that interest rates are typically derived from a function of unemployment. There is more to it than that though. While market health is an important indicator in addition, the rate of inflation is a concern. With the implementation lag of the current political parties financial bailout has yet to be called due. There is an enormous amount of kickback building inside of this perceivably brewing economy. The anticipation of such a kick back is forcing most economist to be weary.


Current jobs numbers reports show that nearly 200,000 jobs were added last quarter. Nearly 5% shy of estimates, the numbers were still positive to see a short-term interest rates futures rally on the news. An expectation of future interest rate increases perceived by the market. If economists are true this will be the first economic policy shift of this kind since 2006. The potential impact on the markets will be significant as more investment results in growing businesses and rapid expansion from an economy that has laid mostly dormant for the better half of the new millenium. To stay abreast of all the growing financial news and important times to invest bookmark beststockpickingservices.com for stock picking services and never skip a  beat.

With these predictions taking place and a seemingly agreeable market alongside it force us to believe that it is true. US Federal Open Market Committee Chair Janet Yellen, as her first act of world impacting political and financial legislature will likely be the increase of the US interest rate from .25 percent to an expected .50 percent by June of 2015. the anticipating in the mean time will grow and businesses of all kinds get their ducks in a row for what will surely be a short boom in the US and Global economies.

Women Politicians Balance Work and Family

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Often time women have to make decisions about pursuing a career versus pursuing a family.  One one hand a full time career where the woman can climb the ranks to the top can be very fulfilling but also time consuming and stressful.  Raining a family can be the most rewarding thing a mother can do but has its own causes of stress, not to mention the whole lack of money issue.  These two sides of the coin are what many women struggle to decide from when planning their future. 

The two sides aren’t mutually exclusive though.  There are plenty of women who have found just the right balance between work and family that gives them the best of both worlds.  They are able to raise children and spend time with them while also contributing to their employer and earn a paycheck.  For the best examples of this it is great to look at women politicians.  Not only do these women have the stress of dealing with politics, campaigns, and constituents but they also run their families too.

One of the hardest parts for women politicians is being able to nurse their babies in a way that allow them to get work done.  The easiest way for them to do this is to have access to be able to pump at work for nursing the baby when they get home.  To accomplish this the easiest method is to wear a dedicated nursing bra along with a portable pump.  The best nursing bras have removable cups that allow for easy access to the breasts without the need to fully disrobe at work.  This way a mother can rush off to a pumping room and be back to work in no time at all.

Politicians may sometimes take a short leave of absence after delivering their child in order to recoup and get ready to get back to legislating.  Balance will need to be struck in how often the women will have access to see their baby.  If they are spending all their time in Washington then it might make sense for her family to temporarily move there to be closer.  It would be impractical for a congresswoman to have to fly back and forth to her home state in order to see her child every weekend.

Especially right after the delivery it is up to the father to give a lot of support to the mother in getting back to work.  For this to happen the father needs to be open to taking care of the baby alone for more hours in the day and make the woman’s life easier by taking care of some of the daily chores that will start stacking up.  The father will have to do things like take the child to day care and pick them up at the end of the day.

Mothers and fathers will have to have long conversation about work and life balance with a new child.  If it makes sense for the mother to become a full time stay at home mom then the family will be reduced to a single income and will need to follow a strict budget for their finances.

The Politics Behind a Homosexual versus Heterosexual Wedding

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Love has the beautiful ability to transform people into something they never thought possible. Though this can be interpreted from a negative or positive standpoint, we cannot deny the power it has to completely turn the world upside down. When it comes to love in politics, it has received quite a lot of attention lately. This is largely due to the recent waves the lesbian and gay community has been making within our country to fight for equality, and their right to marry. While one side opposes the union of two homosexuals to be recognized as a married unit before the court, the other is crying out for the freedom to be seen as equals to the heterosexual community. Who can blame them? Is it not the right of a gay person to deserve the freedoms of a heterosexual? In many ways, from an open-minded perspective it can be perceived as a crime against humanity. Though there are so many that would argue that it is a crime against God to all such a union to occur, and to be recognized by the Court as legitimate.
After discussing this topic with a group wedding photographers in Maryland from petruzzo.com, it became blindingly evident that times are changing. These particular photographers have been taking photos for married couples for decades, and they have witnessed firsthand how much the world has changed, particularly in the last five years, as a result of gay marriage. The one question I had to ask was whether they noticed a positive or negative impact in the type of weddings they were photographing. Particularly the photographers who have worked closely with the homosexual and heterosexual community. They tend to have a much firmer grasp on how the legalization of gay marriage in some states is impacting their community.
Most said there is little to no difference in the type of interactions that are witnessed at a homosexual wedding versus a heterosexual wedding. One photographer even laughed, and stated that the straight weddings tend to get a lot more wild in comparison to the gay weddings. Further illustrating how much more authentic he felt the union between the gays were, and In many ways, this can be true. Not to mention that the gifts requested are generally very specific such as a duvet cover or more luxurious home furnishings. Things that possibly a normal couple might overlook when starting their new lives together. After all, these people have been fighting for the mere right to get married for decades. It has only recently become legal in some odd number of states. So it would make sense that these couples would strive for a much more elaborate and authentic approach to tying the knot. That is not to say that the heterosexual weddings have completely lost their traditional and elegant nature. That is not true it all. It is just interesting to see how politics plays such a huge role in marriage, and how so many people have stood up, above the crowd, to fight for equality. Not only for equality, but for the right to wed the one they love before the eyes of God or before the court in a way that grants them the same freedoms as their fellow heterosexual humans.

Is Solar Energy in Maryland Sustainable?

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There has been much debate and debacle over the rising price of energy and the ways that we might be able to overcome this. With the tight restrictions of the environmental protection agency in place it is farfetched that we will see fossil fuels prices decline much more than their current levels. The only opportunity now is pursuing renewable energy sources such as solar energy which has been a hot topic lately in Maryland. It is well known that in other parts of the world solar energy has become a viable alternative but mostly in part to goverbments subsidies. Maryland solar energy is going to the be topic of this article and why it might be a good idea to look into adding this to the state’s portfolio even there is some cost involved.

1. We need to start pursuing other energy options and there is nothing more readily available and important than the sun. If this resource runs out we have more serious issues than a high price tag while trying to fill up the car. Harnessing this energy and converting it into usable electricity has been too expensive to make completely public without some money to offset the initial cost which can easily exceed the price of a family car. In Maryland without any rebates and tax benefits it can take up to 15 years to pay off a solar panel system installed on a house which is a terrible investment that no wise person would make. It would even be hard to convince someone with enough money to go through the hassle and install a system. Without some assistance and intervention from the government it is unlikely that this industry will succeed in the private sector.

2. By creating a demand for solar energy there are many other industries that will be stimulated in doing so. This will start to bring about solar energy installation companies which will work with home and business owners to design and install solar energy systems. It will also add manufacturing jobs because the solar panels will need to be made and hopefully not imported from China where they are fairly cheap. This will also alleviate some of the stress on the current power plants which are constnatly forced to produce more energy than they have been rated for due to growth of the surrounding areas and individiaul consumption.

3. All of this new business and income will bring jobs into the state of Maryland in the solar industry. This will then benefit the tax income of the state in the proceeding years as more money is being earned and spent due to the new business of solar energy installations. By bringing in some outside capital the economy can gain a bit of a spark in the next few years.

The only thing that needs to happen for this to become a reality is the government to stand behind the polciies that they have implemented lightly. You can read all about the state maryland solar energy at http://marylandsolar.us. The landscape is constantly changing in more states than just our focus here so make sure to take advantage of the situation when the timing seems right and there is a good return on your investment.

Bamboo Sheets are better but why?

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Rarely in life do we find something that is just better. In most aspect of it’s existence and applications it far exceeds any of its competition. Sometimes this anomaly of life manifests itself in sports as an athlete with seemingly superhuman abilities like Shawn White. Other times it in the strangest of places like an Entrepreneur with a golden touch, Steve Jobs. Their approach and inane qualities are undeniably at a different level than their closest competitors. What makes the difference and why is it so stark? There is no real answer to this question. At times objects exists that exceeds all expectations. For example the use of salt in cooking, the many varieties and methods of producing products with cannabis, and the undeniable strength and variety of bamboo.

Bamboo has been a staple of Asian culture since their earliest records. The unusually strong constitution and it’s overwhelming rate of growth has allowed its rapid adoption around the world many times over. In the beginning it was used as a raw product to build homes and various structures like fences, rafts, and carts. At the same time it was being utilized in weapons in the form of spears, bows, and arrows. The strength of bamboo has since been processed into a revolutionary new product through chemical reconstitution. The product is called rayon and has revolutionized the fabric industry. The reason is it’s unparalleled softness and hypo allergenic qualities. Rayon is produced by mashing bamboo into a fine pulp, then dissolving the pulp in a chemical composition that breaks down the wood to its base elements. The chemicals evaporate leaving behind a pure plant based hypoallergenic thread product softer than Egyptian cotton. Most bamboo sheets, bamboo pillowcases, bamboo duvets, bamboo robes and more are 1500 thread count plus.

Where can you find products like this? Most local stores do not stock the highest quality bamboo products. in addition most online stores and home specialty sites are so diluted with various products that are either not bamboo or only partially bamboo. To be sure that you are getting the highest quality products for your family and loved ones, go to www.bamboobedding.us to find bamboo sheets in an elegant website developed to provide premium products. But don’t be convinced just by this article. I encourage you to do your own research into the wonderful miracle plant that is bamboo. Whether its a new baby in swaddling cloths or your most precious loved one, bamboo is the best option on the market and the best decision for them.

How Drones are Legislated and Regulated

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Quadcopters are becoming more commonplace within our society. With this comes a requirement for a new set of laws and regulations that will govern their use. Since it is such an emerging technology it is hard for politicians to consider how drones will truly effect our society and create laws based on that information. The experts on drones only know one thing, that their increasing presence in the United States is a trend that is going to continue. Quadcopters will soon leave the realm of a personal hobby to one of widespread commercialism.

Anyone who sees a future in drones may be interested in finding websites offering different drones for sale. These sites often compare various models and test how well they perform. Eventhough the basic setup of a quadcopter is the same there are a number of metrics that set each specific one apart, making some better suited for different operations than others. Details like wingspan, battery type, flight time, and having a camera are all things that differentiate quadcopters. It is good to find the right mix of ability and price that makes for the best quadcopter for your personal needs.

Quadcopters have the ability to disrupt a whole slew of industries; commercial transport, personal security, instant item delivery, commercial shipping, home entertainment and more. Since they are so varied in their abilities it makes it tough to determine how to legislate their operations. How will commercial drones be treated different that personal drones? Will people be required licenses to operate them? Will there be a set of standard practices adopted by manufacturers? How will personal privacy and property be protected?

Because these are all important questions to be solved the government has put in place very constraining regulations on the operation of personal drones within the United States. These regulations prevent the widespread commercial usage of drones until 2015 when the laws become a little more relaxed. These laws were set in 2007 and since then the FAA has made progress on their plan to allow more drones in the airspace.

The FAA’s first proposition was to open six drone test flight centers throughout the United States. These centers will serve as places where commercial drones’ capabilities will be put to the test before being given permission to exercise their jobs freely in the US’s airspace. It is speculated that drones will have to pass certain criteria to be approved and demonstrate that they are able to perform autonomously in a safe manner. This would entail being able to show that it can follow remote commands and land safely in the case of a loss of communication between the operator and the drone.

Drone use for security is also on the rise. Certain police departments throughout the country are beginning to implement them as surveillance tools. Quadcopters are already used by border guards to monitor for any people trying to cross the vast expanses of open and unpatrolled parts of the border. It will soon be commonplace for each department to have their own drones. These could be used to pursue drivers in high speed chases as well as provide wide area coverage to help search for missing subjects.

To find more information on the latest quadcopter news and reviews on drones for sale visit The QuadHangar.


Are you too old to innovate?

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The answer is a resounding NO.

It may look like all the best entrepreneurs are young men and women, students or fresh out of college and bursting with ideas who are taking the world by storm with their innovative ideas and original products. Mark Zuckerberg was 19 when he founded Facebook, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were 23 when they developed Google, Steve Wozniak was 26 when he invented the Apple I computer. As well known as they are, they’re actually a rarity in the business world. Most successful entrepreneurs have become successful later in life as a result of knowing their market and fulfilling a need that nobody has yet noticed or worked towards.

Studies show that, maybe surprisingly, more innovative and risk-taking entrepreneurs tend to be adults over the age of 30 with many over 50. The ability to innovate as one grows older is also made evident by the data revealed by analyzing the Nobel Prize winners in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, and Economics over the past 100 years:

  • 42% of innovations came about when their creators were in their 30s
  • 40% when the inventors were in their 40s
  • 14% when the inventors were over 50

-          7 when innovators were younger than 26.

At the same time, the age of Nobel Prize winners when making a discovery and of inventors when making a significant breakthrough reached an average of around 38 in 2000, an increase of about 6 years since 1900.

According to data from a Kauffman Foundation sturdy, the highest rate of entrepreneurship in America belongs to the 55–64 age group, where people over 55 almost twice as likely to found successful companies than people with ages between 20 and 34.

It’s only the public perception that makes it look like young entrepreneurs are doing all the innovation when in fact older entrepreneurs use their experience and vast knowledge of the market to create innovative products.

Such products don’t have to be something completely new, just a new take that will improve functionality on an older product. “The greatest thing since sliced bread”, they say. Otto Frederick Rohwedder invented the machine that would slice bread and also wrap it when he was 47 in an effort to make it more convenient to shoppers.

While there are earlier accounts of wheeled furniture dating back to Ancient China, Herbert Everest was a disabled mechanical engineer who, along with an engineer friend, invented the first steel collapsible wheelchair in 1933. Everest needed a wheelchair that could easily be transported in a car and built a chair to suit his needs.

As such, lift chairs are practical chairs themselves that help people go from a standing position to a seating position with ease, relieving pain produced by arthritis and making it easy to get in and out of wheelchairs. The inventor is not known, but it could have been the creation of a person who required a special chair for easily sitting in from a standing position.

So are you too old to innovate? Clearly no. Age is but a number and creativity and passion don’t fade with age, they may actually increase in intensity along with experience and a better understanding of the market and of the public’s needs.

Two Democratic Women on the Texas Political Ticket

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Women in politics are on the rise in Texas, and two Texan Democrats are hoping to create a more progressive history: an all female political ticket for governor and lieutenant governor. The two powerful women running for office are Wendy Davis and Sen. Leticia Van de Putte. Davis is running for governor, while Van de Putte is running for lieutenant governor. If an all-female ticket rises to the ranks of political seats, this will be a new kind of world for the Republican state. In fact, it will be a first.

Wendy Davis became well known for her views on abortion restrictions, which launched the state senator to national recognition and fame. If Davis and Van de Putte win the ticket during the primaries, then this will only be the fifth time in two decades that a single party elected women for both positions as governor, serving side by side.

In previous decades, all-women tickets only remained as nominees and not elected officials. If Davis and Van de Putte win, this would be the first time two women were officially elected to serve the state. Let alone and all-Republican state, as two female-democratic candidates. It will be an interesting political race to watch.

These two candidates not only share the same political party and gender, they have very similar messages and ideals for the great state of Texas. Another interesting aspect of this political duo, is that these two women are up against an all white-male ticket. If these two can beat this ticket, they will make history. Especially since Van de Putte is Hispanic.

Last weekend, my photographer friend was on assignment outside of an event featuring the two women while capturing great shots in Texas for. You would not believe the audience these two women attracted and some of it was documented by the photographer. Davis focuses primarily on education and believes it’s extremely important to bring diversity to government, and multiple views lead to better governments. Republicans have primarily ruled Texas for two full decades. The introduction of two democratic females to office could really affect the political climate of the state. During this election, the two women can be perceived as underdogs. But it is important to note that historically Texas has been known for electing very strong women leaders. So these two underdogs may have a real shot at being elected, especially if they make the primary ticket.

The Republican Party has taken great strides to try to adopt more of the female population into the party. They realize there has been a serious disconnect in their political campaign’s effectiveness to get women to vote for the GOP. They are trying any and all methods to attract female voters to their political platform. They want to find a way to get more women elected into the Republican Party.

I believe these two women have a great chance at being elected as governor and lieutenant governor. It will create a cultural shift in Texas, as well as our Nation if two liberal females take the office from the predominantly Republican state.

The Introduction Of The Work From Home Entrepreneur

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The best way to keep the peace in a small town is to keep to yourself. The majority of people try to live too much of their lives in public. While this, as a human race, is one of our greatest strengths as we build together as a people, it can also be one of our most destructive flaws. Since the beginning of time people have needed methods of supporting themselves and their families with a lifestyles which suited their heritage. This ultimately lead to people leaving their places of comfort and their loved ones, entering a big scary world and fighting tooth and bone for a piece of an immeasurable global wealth. The process was slow. The system ran on people and they had to communicate with other people that then had to deliberate. The result of their decisions would reverberate around the proverbial water cooler until eventually it fell into your paltry paper cone of a cup. The proceeds of your mediocre work and wasted time. A majority of time during this cycle is spent waiting, socializing with other equally bored coworkers. This constant distraction was only emphasized with the access to the internet in the workplace. That is also where we find our hero to this sad and depressing story.

Having immediate access to the worlds information at all times while at work is the largest prohibitive measure against working that has ever been done. Facebook, Youtube, memes, and news. The world seduces us and begs us to see more and neglect our daily duties. This is bastardized by the glaring fact that no one actually wants to be where they are. No one wants to be forced to work in the office stuffed in a cubicle waiting for half-hearted resolutions from an apathetic hierarchy. The the reason people have become absorbed into the internet at work is because it’s an easily attainable reprieve and escape from the droll of their life.

Then something happened, something great. Companies like paypal and search engine advertising opened up the possibilities of what people could do from their window to the internet. This small square of information became something much much more. It became a solution, an escape of its own, the ability to make money and profit online with frequent high paced interactions. It was addictive. It was high paced. The new business models like e-commerce from spotify, minecraft server hosting found at this website, traffic generation for ads and more flowed and a new elite was born. The internet Entrepreneurs had arrived. These wizard of the web weave magic into their lives anywhere they choose. No longer are they limited to working only inside of an office space chosen for them, No these tech titans can roam the world and do anything that they choose. Even if that thing that they choose isn’t roaming the world. Like anything else there is internet connectivity at your home. A lot of these internet entrepreneurs and new millionaires make their money in their sweat pants out of a home office. Cheering at the empty walls every milestone they hit. Slowly the walls fill with marks of their success because this is the new America, the new society, the online economy.